Business and Organisational
Health Checks

Completing a “Health Check” or diagnostic is a quick and easy way to review the “health” of your business or organisation and to identify any potential issues – hopefully before they impact on your clients, customers and staff. A well-developed health check is a key business diagnostic tool. Working through the identified issues will support the growth and development of your business or organisation.

Yolla designs and develops a range of business and organisational health check.  We can design holistic health checks to review up to eight key areas of the business or organisation.  Alternatively, checks can be designed and developed to focus on one specific area – such as financial, governance or digital business systems.  Yolla also develops specialised health check to suit the needs of a specific Program or workshop, such as the procurement readiness health check developed for the Gold Coast Council Procurement Readiness Program.

Recent Projects:

Gold Coast Council Procurement Readiness Program:

Between July and November 2017 Yolla Consulting designed, developed and delivered the Gold Coast Council Procurement Readiness Program.  A key element of this program was the specially developed procurement readiness health check.  This health check was designed and developed for use for the 20 Gold Coast based businesses on the program to assess their procurement and supplier skills, their capability to tender for work and their capacity to fulfil contractual tender requirements.  The health check was a valuable tool to assist in identifying the key gaps in readiness for all businesses and put in place individualised plans and strategies to build the capabilities of each business in identified key areas. 

On this program the health check was also a useful evaluation tool.  It provided a baseline marker for the position of participating businesses at the start of the program.  At the completion of the Program, businesses re-assessed their procurement readiness against the health check and the results showed great outcomes in terms of enhanced procurement knowledge, capacity and capability.

Grocon Business Development Program:

Between August 2016 and July 2017 Yolla Consulting designed, developed and delivered the Grocon Business Development Program – building the skills and capabilities of Indigenous businesses (mainly in the construction sector) looking to leverage opportunities from the GC2018 Commonwealth Games.  At the start of the program all 15 businesses undertook a specially designed holistic business health check to determine the current position of each business and their short and longer-term goals.  We were then able to identify the key challenges each business was facing and put in place a range of individualised plans and strategies to support and develop the businesses and ultimately build more sustainable and profitable businesses.