Governance Services

Does your organisation or business need help with its governance?

  • How long ago were your policies and procedures developed?
  • Are they regularly updated? 
  • Have you grown since then or has your business focus changed?
  • Has new legislation or rules been introduced?
  • How well do your staff know and understand your policies and procedures?
  • If something happened to you could your business or organisation still run smoothly?
What is Governance?

Governance includes the rules, systems and processes that govern and enable a business or organisation to operate and the mechanisms by which it, and its people, are held to account.  Constitutions, rule books and other governing documents, compliance, delegations, strategic plans, policies and procedures and administration processes are all elements of a governance system.  This system should help your business or organisation operate more efficiently and provide a standardised service to your customers.

Focussed, user-friendly governance systems and strategic documentation simplifies business processes and assists in the overall efficiency of an organisation or business.  Having strong systems and strategies in place also provides clear guidance to staff, increases their ability to work independently and creates a positive organisational culture.

Yolla Consulting has extensive governance experience and specialises in governance training and facilitation services.  Our staff are knowledgeable and passionate about developing and implementing simple, user-friendly systems and documentation.  Yolla will work with you and your team to identify the key issues and challenges, and to build tailored solutions specific to your business or organisation.  

Our Governance services includes:

  • Design and deliver governance training and workshop sessions – individualised to the documentation of the organisation or business;
  • Design, undertake and review outcomes of governance diagnostic tools and health checks for corporations and organisations;
  • Facilitate the development of and finalise Board policies, procedures and committee charters (e.g. Directors Code of Conduct);
  • Facilitate the development of and finalise strategic plans and annual operational plans;
  • Develop compliance and risk management frameworks and documentation; and
  • Develop internal procedures manuals and program guidelines in accordance with key legal and policy documents.

Recent Projects:

Director and Board Training workshops for Not-for-Profit Organisations:

Between August 2013 and July 2017 Yolla Consulting designed, developed and delivered a range of Board training programs for not-for-profit and incorporated association boards across regional and remote Australia.  These workshops focussed on building the knowledge, skills and capabilities of Directors specifically developing their understanding of their legal and ethical roles and responsibilities.  Yolla also worked with a number of these boards to develop Board documentation including board and committee meeting rules of procedure and a range of board and committee charters.

Compliance work for Not-for-Profit Organisations:

Yolla Consulting was engaged to ensure appropriate business systems were in place to fully implement recently awarded Government contracts for an organisation that operated out of several different business locations.  Yolla undertook a gap-analysis – reviewing the procedures and processes of the small not-for-profit and assessing the responsibilities and requirement of the new contracts.  Yolla put in place simple, user-friendly administrative processes to implement the new requirements and trained staff and Advisors on the new processes, the requirements that underpinned these processes and how the processes would feed into the quarterly reporting requirements. (the what, why and how).